2019 Dowerin Field Days

With a break in the rain, and the weather being the best we’ve seen in years, I took the opportunity to make my way out to the Dowerin Field Days to see what new equipment and machines they had on show (and as always, they had some big toys out there).

Compared to last year, when we were treated to storms and freezing cold temperatures, this year’s event was the exact opposite, with temperatures on Wednesday reaching around 27 degrees. Safe to say, the warm weather brought out the punters, with the line up to get in peaking at well over 100 meters long.  

The great start to the farming season also contributed to the excellent numbers that came through the gate, and the last I heard was that over 24,000 people visited over the two days, with the highest amount of visitors in five years pouring through the gates on the Wednesday.  

I also took the opportunity to catch up with a few guys out there and also CJD, who were happy enough to fit one of my scrub rakes onto their SDLG wheel loader. Thanks CJD. 

Again, I would like to say thanks to all the organisers and the 300+ volunteers who come together every year to make Dowerin Field Days such a great event – look forward to seeing you all there next year!

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