How to pick the right bucket

When considering bucket purchase it is always best to be informed as the pickup of your machine is critical. Firstly there’s pin size, on excavators as a rule of thumb  50mm is 5 tonners, 65mm are 13-15 tonners, 80mm are 20 tonners and so on. The next major factor is in between ears IBE (or in between bosses) – remember that this can be wider than your hitch but not less.

The last thing to consider is the centre of pin to centre of pin CP. This measurement is critical if your machine is older as later model units have multi pickup hitches so there is a large variance in centre pickup.

If you are unsure of these measurements, the simplest thing to do is look under the excavator buckets and select the make and model option – this will list the measurements above for your machine and give us all we need to know when fitting. 

So have a think about which bucket you need, grab your measurements and give Paul a call on
1300 059 612 or email us at

How to search for Buckets & Attachments on the website. See images below for easy step by step guide.

How to measure a bucket

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