Hydraulic Pallet Forks Becoming More Popular

I’m finding Hydraulic pallet forks are becoming more and more popular lately as it’s saving time for the operator getting out of the cab from a wheel loader to adjust the manual fork tyne position. What you may not be aware of, is that we at Allused have developed the hydraulic type, which means there’s no need to get out of the cab anymore. 

The pallet forks simply connect straight on the wheel loaders 3rd function, which then operate the forks either in or out.

What’s even better is that we have used one design to fit all, we’ve made the frame 2400mm wide meaning you can lift large sea containers, and then quickly close the forks right down to lift small pallets. We have plenty of these in stock to fit most wheel loaders, from CAT IT, CAT Fusion and Volvo/Euro pick up’s, so drop by or give us a call today.

Allused Pallet Fork
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