At AU Buckets, we rightfully take great pride in the quality of our equipment, but it is not simply a case of slapping on an identification tag and away you go.

Like many things across our industry, regulation and certification plays a key role in ensuring the safety, quality and reliability of the products and services that we use daily.  For example, as I am sure you are aware, most (if not all) mine and construction sites are now requiring lifting attachments to be certified.

Whilst many companies find the certification process a burden, at AU Buckets we have taken the opposite viewpoint and have outsourced an external engineer to do all our certification for us. 

For us, it wasn’t just about having a certified ID tag. We wanted to ensure our customers were in fact buying an attachment that could lift their designated load safely. 

And the result? 

Well, we can proudly say that all our lifting products have now been FEA tested by a certified engineer to the highest Australian Standards.  

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