Well, this might be the only way we get our attachments in time!

With everything that is happening around the world now, it seems that our market is being affected in some really unusual ways! First it was COVID that slowed things down through the closing of ports and delayed shipments, then it was the Suez Canal blockage. What next?

Well, I’ve just been reading that port congestion in China is bad at the moment and the waiting time for a booking or just to get a container is unknown. Container prices have also skyrocketed and have tripled since January this year. I’ve now been waiting four weeks for two container loads to leave port but cannot even get a booking. 

So, if you are after something we don’t have, rest assured it is on its way, but we are unsure when. Where possible, it would be great to have some lead time to make sure your gear arrives in time.

As always, if you are in the market, make sure you give the team at AU Buckets a call to see what we have available. Please remember that even if we don’t have exactly what you need on-hand, our experienced team should be able to deliver something that is sure to suit.

Cheers, Paul

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