Piping hot demand

There has a noticeable increase in demand for Pipe Grabs lately, which provide a safer option when handling long lengths of pipe in any worksite. At AU Buckets, we have these specifically manufactured to suit most wheel loader quick hitches including Volvo, Komatsu, Hitachi, CAT IT and the Fusion Coupler to suit the CAT loaders.

What makes these stand out from the rest is the 2400mm wide fork frame, which gives additional stability when lifting long lengths of PE pipe. In fact, they can take pipe up to 1900mm in diameter and rated to 7000kg.

What’s even better is our Pipe Grabs are really easy to use. The grab’s hydraulics work by using the loaders 3rd function to operate the arm open or closed – it’s as simple as plug and play. And, as always, our Pipe Grabs are available to both hire and purchase depending on your requirements.

Pipe Grab
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