Welcome 2021

Happy new year and welcome to 2021! Fingers crossed this year is a bit calmer and we continue to see a lot of activity in the market and across industry. Safe to say that we are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

To ring in the new year, you may be interested to hear that we have just received a new range of Trapezoidal bucket with bolt on cutting edges. Also known as ‘Trap buckets’ or ‘Vee buckets’, they are a solid looking bit of gear and we have plenty in stock at present, ranging from 65mm to 100mm pins.

As always, if you are in the market, make sure you give the team at AU Buckets a call to see what we have available. Please remember that even if we don’t have exactly what you need on-hand, our experienced team should be able to deliver something that is sure to suit.

Cheers, Paul

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