We’ve secured a Simex TF1000 Rotary Cutter!

With some hunting around we’ve managed to secure this Simex TF1000 Rotary Cutter

With a tare weight of 1500kg this cutter is ideally suited to excavators between 20T-35T. The TF1000 has a width of 900mm which makes it ideal for trenching hard materials, profiling and resurfacing rock and cement walls, quarrying, demolitions and dredging, Simex Cutter Heads are extremely efficient where conventional excavation systems are too weak and percussion systems have little effect.

The special design of the Simex Cutter Head does not cause damage or disturbance to the surroundings so it can be put to work near populated areas, hospitals, schools, bridges and infrastructure. 

It is especially recommended for finishing operations, where requirements call for high precision minimum intrusion and an optimum aesthetic result.

Simex TF1000 Rotary Cutter
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